Getting a Grip on Success

Some key principles:

Purpose leads to Priorities. When you know what your Purpose is, you can establish your Priorities.

Priorities lead to Plans. Priorities make you use judgment to choose some actions and activities over others.  Sometimes making these judgments is difficult, as they create dilemmas when either choice seems correct.  Hey, nobody said this would be easy!  But choose you must, if only due to time available to execute.  Once you have your Priorities in order, you can make plans to achieve them.

Plans lead to Practices. Plans establish a sequence of activities attached to goals.  Plans and the activities that they include are supported by Practices—habits and disciplines—that force you into the mental, emotional, spiritual and behavioral domains that position you to do the things that will achieve your priorities.

Practices lead to Performance. Practice what you want to sustain. Habits born from practice build mastery.  Mastery creates momentum.  Momentum creates mojo.  Mojo makes you shine in your performances, to show your own unique talented way of doing what you’ve been practicing.

Peak Performance requires Periodic Resets.  Books have been written about peak performance, “flow,” and “clicking.”  This knowledge-base is worthwhile to consume and use.  But you can’t sustain peak performance all the time.  Taking time-out allows you to re-set Purpose, Priorities, Plans, and Practices and to re-gain Poise, the state of living in grace.

All that said:

Personalize your own Path Forward. Your path to success will be as unique as you are.  That said, “steal with pride” the wisdom of others who have become more successful than you—in any domain.  There is no need to re-invent the wheel.  If you use it, you will end up making it yours anyway.  Everyone rides a bike in their own unique way!

Punch through the MembraneWant something different?  Then step forward, breathe, and punch through the invisible bubble of status quo that surrounds you.  Only when you punch through that almost invisible film—like a soap bubble—will you realize that you are the one that has been creating the bubble that keeps you locked in to your routine.

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