Strong Culture Creates Opportunities!

Strong Culture creates Opportunities!  Based on a sample of 350 organizations, low performing cultures had an average New Product Development score at the 22nd percentile of the Denison Organizational Culture Survey ratings, whereas high performing cultures scored at the 69th percentile.

Do you want a more vibrant, dynamic work environment where people take initiative and seek out opportunity to solve problems?

Manage Culture by Structuring ways to Increase Clarity of Understanding & Alignment of:

  • Mission (Why are we here together?)
  • Objectives (What are our goals?)
  • Communication (Make sure what is important is talked about)
  • Metrics (What is important?)
  • Practices (What are the best methods for success?)
  • Incentives (What do folks get from good performance?)
  • Leadership (Initiating Action, Building Teams,  Maintaining Standards, Encouraging Performance, Making Meaning, and Shaping Performance)
  • People (character, attitude and skills).

Pay attention to the Structures of Culture.  If you are not getting the results you want, then look at the structures that affect Clarity of Understanding and Alignment.


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