Motivating People*

From the Keep-it-Simple School, in this case Hertzburg’s Motivator-Hygiene Research:

To be motivated for productive work, people need two things:

  1. Positive conditions that fulfill people’s need to be “the best of themselves.” These can be called MOTIVATORS.
  2. A minimum threshold of factors people feel will support them, or at least not get in their way of being motivated. These can be called HYGIENE FACTORS.

Examples of MOTIVATORS:

  • A challenging job
  • A feeling of Achievement
  • The satisfaction of having Responsibility
  • Growth in their ability, knowledge, and/or career
  • Advancement, or the possibility of advancement
  • Earned recognition or admiration from their boss and others
  • Enjoyment of the work itself
  • Enjoyment of being productive

PROBLEM:  People can be become UN-Motivated!  WHY?

       Lack of opportunity for meaningful achievement
       Elimination of motivators

When people are UN-Motivated…they become DIS-Satisfied.
When people are DIS-Satisfied, what do they focus on?

They focus on things that have nothing to do with productive work (aka, the HYGIENE FACTORS)!

  • Work rules (company policy and administration)
  • Competence of supervision
  • Seniority, Titles & Status
  • Working conditions
  • Job security
  • Wages
  • Fringe benefits
  • Fellow employees
  • Their Commute requirements.

When they are thinking about these things, they are wasting time!

Can you do anything about it?  Yes!

The work environment (set up by management) influences work outcomes:

In an environment of achievement, responsibility, earned recognition, and growth, those focused on the hygiene factors will start to focus on productive work (and the Motivation factors they can get from working).

Feeding Motivation-seekers is easier than turning around those who are already disgruntled.

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