Success = Stress: Deal With It

I’ve been working with Ben Wilson, a Greensboro Real Estate Agent and top-flight thinker, and we developed this scheme for thinking about the reactions that people have to their success and their stressful lives.

When your Ideals match your Situation, then you are happy, and in-joy with your life.  To the degree that your Situation does NOT match your Ideals, you experience stress.

Ideals are internally created; therefore, part of the key to handling stress is defining your Ideals.  Ideals based on having are subject to a short half-life of satisfaction, while Ideals based on Doing and Being have much greater durability at the same time that they are easier to achieve.

When you are attached to achieving certain outcomes on certain schedules to certain standards, and yet it is just not happening (because your Ideals are out of sync with the Situation), then you will experience stress.

However, if you realize that there is no other place that you can LIVE but here in the present (because the future is a fantasy and the past is history), then focusing solely on outcomes is a limiting perspective.  You’ve got to fully engage in what you are doing here and now in order to achieve the outcome you want.

Process = How you do something.  If you engage in your process with the intention to give something your best, and to enjoy the experience, then you will not experience stress, but instead will experience joy.  The outcome of your process will be the experience itself.


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