Leaders are Lightning Rods

The higher you go, the more likely you are to get zapped.  By Skeptics, Critics or Cynics.  Negative charge always follows the path of least resistance, the tallest point around, the Leader.  (It is easier for folks to blame the Leader and try to get the Leader to change than it is for them to change themselves.)

If you are not the tallest thing around, but are a leader aligned with the top leader, you can get a negative charge “splash over” that zaps you when the leader gets zapped.  Call it guilt by association.  But it hurts your credibility nonetheless.

Be aware that people will express their discontent with you as a Leader when they are talking to others.  But when they are talking to you they are likely to play suck-up.  Aside from the dynamic where they are uncomfortable criticizing you to your face, and the need to feather the nest of “victimhood” when they are with their peers, the reason they will feel free to criticize you is that everyone thinks they deserve to be a critic.  People engage in critical talk all the time;  they rarely mention good things.

But you cannot seek out pats on the back.  Leadership is lonely.  You have to enjoy the kudos when (or if) it comes, because it doesn’t come often.

Negative charge builds up and always seeks the easiest path.  And that is you.

The savvy Leader holds true to the Higher Principle, while grounding himself in the reality of the situation.  In this way, the negative charge does not build up so much, and the Leader has some insulation from the charge.  He does this by remembering the bigger picture of how things work as he circulates and listens to people and their fears, frustrations, and aspirations.  This discharges their discontent while encouraging them, and may give the Leader ideas about actions to take, or mindshifts to make, so that their discontent is further discharged, and they can build up their courage to face adversity with greater poise and power.

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