Stealing Credit: Blunder #9

The leader that steals credit from others for their hard work is only investing in their own failure.

You’ve seen it happen:  a manager takes credit for the work of one of their subordinates.  They hog the limelight, as if they were the only ones who worked on a team project.  They represent work effort, creative ideas, critical analyses, — or worse, actual results —  as their own.  They are either too arrogant, too self-serving, or too lazy to think through the end result of their taking unearned credit.

What do people in the organization do when they see someone taking credit for others’ work? They no longer trust the liar.  Not being trusted is a sure path to failure, for once trust is lost, it cannot be recovered.

NEVER take credit for another’s work.  Make sure that you give others credit for their contributions.  If you  are the leader and your people see you giving public credit this, they will be more faithful to you, and will help you advance.  If you are a peer, your peers will trust you more.   It will make you look good, and you will maintain your credibility.  And in the end, you will have the opportunity to advance more quickly and get things done more effectively, because you will not have to fight the losing battle to reclaim your integrity.

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