Pulling Rank: Blunder #5

The leader that pulls rank needs to know that they are pulling the rug out from under their managers.

Anytime that an associate can go around a mid-level manager to a higher-up and get a higher-up to make a decision that is counter to their middle-manager, that leader is cutting the legs out from under that middle-manager.  You might as well go ahead and re-assign them, or fire them, for they just became a lame-duck leader.

I’ve seen higher-up leaders do this very thing, simply because they wanted to build good-will and “cred” with the lower-level associates.  These leaders were making the decision because they were insecure about their own position and power.  They wanted to establish that they could throw their weight around.  Or they simply wanted to show the mid-manager a lesson that they had made a bad decision.

Their reasons were irrelevant to the implication:  the mid-level manager did not matter.  And if they don’t matter, then there is no reason for them to be there.

Unless you want to demonstrate that fact, then always maintain the integrity of the chain-of-command.

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