Leadership is a Moving Target

“You can’t step in the same ocean twice.”  Things change all the time.

The conditions in which Leaders operate constantly change.

The marketplace changes.

Technology changes.

And people change.  They change their motivations.  They change their fears.  They change their capabilities, their interests, their rituals.

This is why the Leader must be agile, flexible, and committed to continuous learning about the craft of Managerial Leadership.  The Art and Science of Leadership is a study of a lifetime.  Everyday, because it is different, the Leader is provided with opportunities to adapt.

But that does not mean the Leader is ambiguous.

On the contrary, the great variety of experiences cries for greater stability at a deeper level so that people are not tossed about by the storms of change.  The Leader who understands this need can maintain integrity to the course of transit, while flexing with the ebb and flow of the various currents that may seek to sweep the Ship onto a rocky shore.

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