Free Will and Persuasion

People are always free to choose how they will act in the world.  They can choose how they will respond to things that happen to them.

There may be personality habits and tendencies and the force of social influence that impacts their decisions to act in one way or another.

But in the end, each person is free to choose the course of their actions.  They have free will.

People can choose to be different, to think differently and to act differently.  If this is not true, then there would never be any change in the world.  We would all have been destined long ago to some less civilized and socialized existence.

Knowing that people can choose, the Leader expects people to choose what he or she would choose.  This is called a Paradigm.

One need not look further than the two-party political system in the US to see that smart people think that all others should think like they think.  But in reality, Liberal and Conservative views are Paradigms.  Both can be flawed just as easily as both can be correct.

The Leader knows that since people have Free Will and Agency, that only a superb job of persuasion will win others over.

The place to begin is arming yourself with relevant and useful facts, aggregating those facts into knowledge, then tempering them with insight and ethics.

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