Friday the 13th is considered by some to have bad mojo. Believe it or not, even highly intelligent people may hold superstitions like this.

I once worked with a very smart man who would not initiate anything new on Friday the 13th, and was reluctant to sign anything dated the 13th. His reasoning, though somewhat paranoid, was that even if OTHER people did not have superstitions about the 13th, that it was still in the cultural mindset that it was a bad day. Therefore, anything that he did was “contaminated” with both conscious and unconscious cultural biases against anything dated on the 13th, or associated with the 13th.

So in effect, he perpetuated a belief system that has little bearing in fact-based reality.

Question for the day: What other routines and habits is your organization perpetuating that are, at worst, based on superstition, and, at best, fly in the face of common sense?

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